Michael – the guru on ‘TEACH ME,’

Thanks for the fantastic ‘TEACH ME’ seminar. NO ONE knows BUSINESS like you do! I knew you were talented, but I did not know to the full extent. It was an impressive two-hour extemporaneous speech you gave with few notes and few slides. I always said ‘You are the smartest guy in the room’…Now, I know it. You have made me start thinking of some aspects of business in a more entrepreneurial fashion as well as a legal fashion. With my focus of business and I-T, I did not think so much from the contract side or the purchase/sale side of the business. Thanks for getting the wheels turning in that respect. You have a tremendous network and client base. It is nice to see you put on such an impressive seminar. Count me “in” whenever you are going to speak again. I can leverage a lot of your knowledge base. WHAT A FANTASTIC EVENT!

Sid Suarez,
Chief Technology Officer


No matter how successful you are, Michael Polin’s ‘Teach Me’ educational seminars provide you with an arsenal of tools that will take your business to the next level. He presents a powerful, highly educational demonstration of an insight into business development you won’t hear anywhere else. Michael not only teaches you how to succeed in business, but also how to avoid critical and costly mistakes. He has the mind of a legal computer with the business acumen of a talented entrepreneur. I can’t wait for the next one!”

Rita Alexander
International Stem Cell Institute


Michael Polin is brilliant, kind, and a well-connected attorney that teaches business people in the U.S. how to do business in China, as well as teaching business people in China how to do business in the U.S. He is incredibly well-connected in China, can help private sector companies, universities strategic partnerships, and provide valuable insight and strategies for working with the Chinese government.”

Angela Hill
AIGA / President & Creative Director


I really enjoyed your ‘TEACH ME’ seminar at PETCO BALLPARK. Your information was clear, understandable, easy to navigate and very enlightening. You have a wealth of information on Business and ‘TEACH ME’ is a great vehicle to share that with the business communities.

I learned more in two hours with you than 50 seminars from guys that do not know 1/10th of what you know.”

Theatrical and Musical Producer


I cannot thank you enough for inviting me to your very well-orchestrated seminar. What an amazing learning experience ‘TEACH ME CHINA’ is!  Your entire room was filled with professionals and others eager to hear your knowledge on so many issues concerning business and CHINA. You really nailed down the entrepreneurial and international aspects of understanding financials, operations, and management issues especially with a China focus! Wow that was educational. You are a fantastic speaker and motivator! Thank you. I was grateful to be a part of your ‘TEACH ME’ experience and look forward to the next event. Thank you again.”

Holly Collins
Strategic Business Consultant


As an attendee of your ‘Teach Me’ seminar at Petco Park, I was tremendously impressed with your entertainment philosophy. Your presentation of complex legal matters was delivered in a clear and easy-to-understand explanation. One of the many points I took away from your discussion was the importance of proper due diligence. The importance of knowing who you are in business with and what that business is can make or break you. Another important point made clear was selecting the right business counsel, and the assembling of credible business consultants and associates. You were very insightful regarding the symptoms of success and the possible pitfalls of doing business in today’s world. Your seminar was a valuable experience for me and I’m sure it was for all of the other attendees. Thank you for sharing so much knowledge with us and in such an entertaining fashion!”

James F. Marino
JFM Productions



Thank you so much for letting me participate and attend your ‘TEACH ME’ event. A great group of people were there, all of which were CEO-level thinkers and VERY IMPRESSIVE people whom trust you and your business/legal opinions. I learned many great things from your talk and I feel much better prepared to take on the obstacles that confront me; especially so because you feel I can overcome them. Your advice on banking and due diligence strategies was amazing and I am ready to put into effect what you taught us. You are a great motivator! I would like to attend your next ‘TEACH ME CHINA’ event and bring some of my business partners who do business in China and need your professional skill sets! Thanks again for all of your insight and rare knowledge of how to succeed in life and in business.”

Marilyn Taylor
Sr. SEO Consultant


Thank you so very much for the invitation to your ‘TEACH ME’ event. WOW! What an eye opener on business and China. You are the best and the only lawyer I know with a command over this knowledge about such a secret place like China. The audience was mesmerized with your stories and immediate applications of what to do and what not to do. You give such great information. Your ‘Teach Me’ event was a blast, especially so because there were some of the most interesting people attending. Congratulations on a very successful event!”



I had a great time Michael!

 Your ‘TEACH ME BUSINESS AND CHINA’ infomercials would work great on CNBC or MSNBC. You have an amazing command of knowledge and decades of experience that was easily shared with the audience. I’ll buzz you next week to discuss a TV deal.”

President of new products and direct TV advertising


Wow, what a Great time at your ‘TEACH ME’ event. It was awesome information and very topic-related. You gave me some great marketing and client development keys to work on right away! You are a master of information and skill sets regarding China and business. The room was filled with first-class professionals so the conversations with other attendees were super helpful too. I want to always be involved in your events, especially international investment related events; which I know you are an expert at. Thanks Mike, this was really fantastic!”

D. Scott Bloom
RFC Investments


Thank you for the invitation to attend the very informative ‘TEACH ME CHINA’ event. That was a lot of fun, and it was packed with information on doing business in China. I learned more about China culture and business styles in two hours with you then a life time with others!

I loved your banking and etiquette stories they were hilarious and totally applicable at the same time. I am ready to discuss China opportunities now!”

Chaz Dykes
San Diego Symphony


Good Morning!

I must write you a fantastic testimonial for all you have taught me. Thank you for ‘TEACH ME CHINA.’ Gosh, I learned so much from you and the entire presentation was awesome! Michael, you are a fantastic speaker!”



Thanks for inviting me to the event, I really enjoyed it. It was a wonderful set-up that made your seminar standout among the many that I have
attended in the last several years. Your seminar demonstrated a very well managed balance between excellent networking event, remarkable learning opportunity and real fun environment. It was also very classy! The caliber of people attending the seminar and relatively intimate setting of less than 50 people makes it ideal for high quality social networking. The learning material presented at the seminar was superb. Even after travelling to China since 2001, and having relatives working in China, I still learned a great deal of new information that could make or break my next million dollar deal with Chinese counterparts. Your knowledge is truly priceless. And of course, the Padres’ win to save the season was the icing on the cake. I’m sure you had something to do with it too! I hope your ‘Teach Me’ seminars will become a regular event on the San Diego business scene; there is a definite need for high quality seminars conducted with such tasteful flair. Thanks again for inviting me!”

Alex Lisnevsky
M3 Capital Advisors


What a great night tonight on the launch of ‘TEACH ME CHINA!’ You really did a fantastic job. I was proud to be a small part of it.

Your colleagues are all CEOs and I was fortunate to be involved with such a select group of people who all came for one reason; to learn from the one China expert that knows it all! I learned an immense amount about business and doing business internationally which was all very exciting. Please always invite me to all of your ‘TEACH ME’ events!”

Robert Brandolino
Inventor and business advisor


 “Hi Mike,

Thank you again for the invitation to share in the ‘TEACH ME’ EXPEREINCE and EVENT. I sincerely enjoyed your presentation. You presented everything in a clear and concise manner. I definitely feel that I had many takeaways and you are making me rethink business strategies. I look at sales and marketing through a different lens now that I have learned key strategies from you. Thank you! Your knowledge of different cultures and intellectual strategies for conquering resistance were so helpful and your explanations were clear and easy to understand. Thank you again for keeping me in mind. I truly appreciated you, your advice, and all your help!”

Raul Robles, President
SureRide Minibus Co.


“Michael takes a humorous and engaging approach to a subject matter foreign to the vast majority of his audience. His whimsical anecdotes seasoned with years of experience gave us a core understanding of the complex nature of effectively negotiating business transactions in China.”

Adam Rowe
President and Creative Director
erowe design, LLC



I thought the seminar was informative and entertaining and you definitely know your stuff on China. I think you have a great formula for teaching to multiple audience sizes and you easily have the ability to make changes to your presentation based on the audience questions. You have tremendous knowledge and a smooth style. I really enjoyed your ‘TEACH ME CHINA’ event –from your hilarious anecdotes to your teaching examples! I look forward to the next seminar.”

Alonzo Di Carlo
Pala Casino
Director of Sales and Catering


Thanks for inviting me to your ‘TEACH ME CHINA’ event at Petco Ball park. I enjoyed meeting other attendees, as well as your presentation, which I found to be enlightening and very practical. You taught us the sort of things one needs to know that can be put to use immediately when doing business with China. Great presentation Michael and thanks for all the KEY STRATEGIES.”

Beverly Wilson


Thanks for your ‘TEACH ME CHINA’ invite at PETCO BALLPARK. I really enjoyed your entire presentation on doing business in China and found your experiences to be very interesting and extremely educational. Thanks so much for the education on China and I look forward to going there with you soon.”

Bruce Maches
Chief Information Officer


Thank you for inviting me to your wonderful ‘TEACH ME CHINA’ presentation. It was entertaining and very, very informative. No one knows China like you do! Your audience of CEO’s was also impressive. Especially because they were mostly international companies who knew they needed to hear you speak before moving forward with work in China.  There was one comment you made that really impressed me the most. You said something to the effect that in China if you prove that your business idea or venture has educational value, it is almost guaranteed to get support from the Chinese government. That is absolutely amazing! I think it is probably one of the keys to China’s success. In China (as well as Russia, by the way) education is considered a matter of national security — which I totally agree with. I’d like to investigate this more to see if I could come up with some ideas that would lead to potential business ventures. I am looking forward to any opportunity of working with you. Can we do a ‘TEACH ME AMERICA’ IN RUSSIA?!”

Elena Bazhenova, Esq.


“What a nice event! Thanks for inviting us. Your analysis on China law and competitor strategies was eye-opening and could only come from a pro like you who has lived it. I know you just saved me thousands of dollars of potential mistakes I could have made without hearing your advice! We had a great evening. Your seminar was fun and wonderfully entertaining. It included great practical tips on doing business generally and in particular with China. I am ready to move there! NO ONE KNOWS CHINA LIKE YOU! You are the ‘TEACH ME’ China guru!

Kenneth Snew
Seiko Instruments U.S.A.